Creating Verizon's 5G SuperStadium experience

Client: Verizon
Agency: Infront X
My Role: Design Director

In 2020, Verizon engaged Infront X to build the 5G SuperStadium Experience to give fans unprecedented control over how they interact with a live sports game at the stadium. Made possible by the speed and low latency of 5G wireless technology, fans can see plays develop on the field with up to seven camera angles, watch live replays, and get real-time Augmented Reality overlays on their smartphone.

Infront X began with a beta experience for the NFL that was a Super Bowl hit. Now Verizon seeks to go beyond sports and invest over $100M to upgrade stadiums and entertainment arenas to 5G Ultra Wideband to deliver immersive fan engagement experiences across its numerous sports and entertainment partners, including the NFL, NBA, and FOX Entertainment.

I worked directly with Verizon's marketing and Infront X's product teams to envision and design 5G-enhanced features for the new SuperStadium mobile app, including in-stadium navigation, video stream selection, and live event statistics. To give the app multi-venue scalability, I redesigned the user interface to be adaptable to any sport or entertainment event. Ultimately, I created a minimalistic interface for the broadcast content to keep the primary user focus while intuitive contextual navigation guides the audience through the rest of the digital experience.

Users can select a live event and enjoy the event from several camera angles, watch live replays, and get real-time insights.

The NFL 5G SuperStadium app was promoted at the Apple iPhone event in October 2020.

Camera Stage Right in landscape view with VOD controls.