Smarter home maintenance and repairs

Client: House Ninja
Agency: Human by Design
My Roles: Brand Consultant & Designer

House Ninja is an on-demand home maintenance service. Using a proprietary physical space evaluation procedure, the company captures the details of the home inside and out so homeowners or renters can delegate all maintenance, repairs, and services to the professionals (aka "House Ninjas").

I was hired as a brand consultant to apply a new perspective and aesthetic and advise the House Ninja executive team on repositioning the brand to appeal to their affluent target demographic.

My involvement started with a round of rapid interviews with the executive team. We immediately recognized that the messaging needed to express their unique brand differentiators consistently and concisely. 

As a result of further audience analysis, I developed three distinct user personas and cohorts to create authentic connections with those who share mutual values, leading to a tighter brand narrative with a clear brand promise.

I changed the brand messaging from assertive ("we'll handle it") to compassionate ("we're there for you") and delivered a comprehensive brand playbook, including practical sample collateral and an original customized iconography set.

House Ninja is now anchored by guidelines and instructions for those stewarding it with a uniform understanding of making the brand stand out among its peers with consistency and relevance.

In collaboration with: Numatic Ventures

I authored, designed, and packaged House Ninja's 2022 brand guidelines so that the brand stands out and remains consistent, relevant, and successful.

House Ninja Brand Guidelines (2022)

Instagram Samples

Stationery and Business Cards

Direct Mailer

Direct Mailer Specifications

I designed House Ninja's custom icon set with a similar look and feel to the House Ninja logo, including round corners, matching line weight, and an emphasized element for visual consistency.


Campaign Posters