Redesigning Activision Blizzard's Esports ecosystem

Client: Activision Blizzard
Agency: Infront X
My Role: Creative Director & Design Lead

With the global growth in popularity of Esports, Activision Blizzard looked to Infront X to build a modern and powerful platform to handle fan interaction and dramatically improve the publishing experience for editors of the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League sites. Specifically, they wanted to increase time on site, grow video consumption, improve information discovery, and offer simplified site navigation.

I was pulled into the project as Creative Director and Design Lead and made significant contributions, from authoring the information architecture to defining the visual design system. Additionally, I executed key Overwatch League screens, conducted client presentations, and led a team of UI/UX designers.

Working directly with Activision Blizzard stakeholders and Infront X product and engineering, I streamlined platform designs and created scale efficiencies via reusable critical user interface (UI) components. These uniform components (e.g., match cards, hero banners, etc.) allowed rapid editor onboarding across a global user base, easier content approval cycles, and a consistent look and feel across all team sites. The Activision Blizzard engineering team deployed the components I designed across key landing pages for 20+ Overwatch League team sites and 12+ Call of Duty League team sites.

Ultimately, the resulting product was greatly accoladed by all stakeholders, helped draw in a new global fan base, and offered a robust and modular design welcomed by all editors.

Overwatch League Information Architecture

Overwatch League Homepage

Overwatch League Homepage and Schedule

Overwatch League Team Sites

Call of Duty League Website