Helping St. Jude Children's Research Hospital reach Gen Z supporters

SVA Masters in Branding
Client: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
My Roles: Co-Strategist & Art Director

Guided by our professors at The School of Visual Arts, my colleagues and I presented new business opportunities to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital that personalize the St. Jude brand to reach and continuously engage Gen Z multicultural audiences.

Having been exposed to many global issues early on, we uncovered that Gen Z experiences anxiety about their future and creates ways to cope through wellness and creative expression.

My team proposed making a lasting connection with Gen Z through the shared value of living well into the future with healing, inclusivity, and creativity as the guiding principles that drive campaign executions across St. Jude's social and fundraising channels. Furthermore, an enhanced digital platform will generate community engagement through art, nutrition, fitness, and other health-related activities.

St. Jude has been leading the charge in pediatric cancer research for almost 60 years. They aim to meet Gen Z where they are and continue to save lives so that children can dream well, create well, play well, connect well, eat well, and live well into the future.

Our strategy, "Well into the Future," serves as an umbrella for multiple brand awareness campaigns. Healing, inclusivity, and creativity are the guiding principles that drive campaign execution.

One campaign example, #StJudeCreateWell, consists of "fund me" creative projects that engage artist participation. Artists submit their work to be voted on, donations get collected, and winning artists paint the St. Jude hospital walls.

Studies show a scientific link between creating a bright, playful space and improving children’s psychology. The #StJudeCreateWell campaign aims to create meaningful, colorful, multicultural art for the hospital grounds.

User journey flow from the upper to lower engagement funnel.

The campaign lives on a landing page containing various projects categorized by "eat well," "play well," "create well," etc. Gen Z has the opportunity to vote on projects they want to see come to life. The platform also generates community discussion on various wellness topics.

Virtual “well” stickers are used on Instagram, giving Gen Z a dynamic tool to show their St. Jude pride.

The new visual system also adapts to print with stickers in every mailer and a paper slip that allows donators to proclaim what they are "well" for loud and proud. 

Custom, hand-drawn type and iconography adds a joyful touch to the St. Jude brand personality.