Mental fitness for Winter Sports fans

Client: International Ski Federation (FIS)
Agency: Infront X
My Roles: Creative Director, Co-Strategist & Product Designer

Infront X led a digital experiment to find ways to attract younger audiences, drive attendance at FIS Ski events, and generate additional revenue for the organization.

We discovered a white-space opportunity in winter sports around mental health and wellness, specifically, a substantial lack of visibility from prominent athletes wanting to discuss their stories of mental health struggles and performance anxiety.

I led the team through rapid ideation sessions and brand-building workshops. We built prototypes to determine the format best suited for athletes to share stories, measured user reactions and validated the product's marketability. I used the team's input to develop a brand voice for multiple digital products centered around mental fitness and appeal to winter sports fans who travel. The brand's core purpose was to show fans they could get away and find mindfulness while connecting with sports personalities they admire via a platform offering a breath of fresh "Air."

The app's features included a curriculum of lessons from wellness and meditation experts, never-before-published inspirational life stories from prominent winter sports athletes, personalized mental fitness programs based on individual habits, and unique travel experience packages.

A simple and intuitive design system with calming winter sports inspirational imagery and a passionate brand voice that guides the user through wellness exercises won stakeholders' praise. It ultimately allowed the project to receive significant financial backing.

User flow document.