A cozy Catskills Cabin

Client: StayHooga
Agency: SD Digital
My Roles: Creative Director & Brand Designer

StayHooga is a cabin rental service in the Catskills. Inspired by the Danish term "hygge," meaning finding pleasure and warmth in simple, soothing things such as a wholesome meal or friendship, StayHooga embodies coziness, comfort, and tranquility. The cabins are set up for intimate privacy in nature, with hiking trails and breathtakingly scenic views.

StayHooga's cabins are renovated by hand down to every detail, from beautiful wooden walls to a vinyl music player and curated book collection. But ultimately, their success comes from exceptional customer service and maximum coziness.

I designed the StayHooga identity to encapsulate warmth and nature, so the brand stands out from the crowd and immediately establishes trust with potential renters.

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