Anxiety-relieving stuffed animals with custom weight and heat

Client: Chonkers
Agency: SD Digital
My Role: Brand Designer

Chonkers are therapeutic weighted stuffed animals for adults with anxiety and stress disorders. From their soft-touch faux fur to their adjustable weight, Chonkers are artfully versatile and scientifically crafted using a multi-sensory approach to relaxation.

Customers can order the product in custom weight, temperature, and scent based on their mood. Chonkers are designed around sensory therapy techniques, including Deep Touch Therapy, Heat Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Cryotherapy.

Chonkers needed a mark and a visual identity as adorably plump, whimsical, and calming as the product itself. This was a fun project, given my passion and studies in mental health. Launched on Kickstarter in April 2021, Chonkers got fully funded within the first few hours with a total pledge of $32,000 from 437 backers! 


Logos and Brand Colors


Product Details


Preliminary product sketches before Chonkers was born.